Month: August 2017

Results Day 2017

Smiles all round as the class of 2017 pick up their GCSE results. We’re all delighted because their hard work and determination have paid off. Thanks to all the teachers and parents for their support along the way and the head office team at CET for their dedication to helping us achieve the very best for our young people. Below is our press release that gives some detail about the results and the personal stories related to them. There is a gallery of pictures at the bottom of the page.

Pupils and staff at Lynn Grove Academy  were celebrating as the latest GCSE results were announced. This is the best year ever for Lynn Grove Academy as 67% of pupils achieved a standard pass or better in both English and Maths.

Our GCSE results include the following highlights:

  • 79% of pupils getting a standard pass and 60% getting a strong pass in English
  • 73% of pupils getting a standard pass and 52% getting a strong pass in Maths
  • 80% of pupils getting an A-C in MFL, with 31% of these being at A* or A.
  • 100% of pupils getting and A*-C in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • 64% of pupils getting 5 standard & A*-C passes – an increase of 6% on last year

As well as strong overall results, there were a number of personal success stories;

Alice Wakeley, the school’s head girl was the year group’s top achiever with 9s in English Language and Maths a 7 in English literature complemented by 6A*s and 3 As.  Alice who is going on to do A’ levels at East Norfolk Sixth Form in English Literature, Politics Biology and Chemistry said ‘I am over the moon; I did work hard but I enjoyed it most of the time.  A big thank you to my teachers and my parents who supported me massively – I am looking forward to starting at ENSFC – I can’t wait!

Sharfraz Choudhury’s quiet determination has led to success across the board and a fine clutch of results in STEM subjects.  With A*s in Physics, Maths and Chemistry together with a 9 in English Language, 8s in Maths and English Literature Sharfraz is looking forward to continuing his science studies and has his sights on a top university for Engineering.  Sharfraz said, ‘I felt my confidence growing throughout year 11 so I am really pleased I did this well’.

Caitlin Wright, one of the school’s many talented musicians added a clutch of A*s and As to her well-deserved 9 in English Literature, 8 in English Language and 7 in maths.  Caitlin will be continuing her studies at East Norfolk Sixth Form College in Computer Science, English Literature, Law and Maths. Caitlin had some advice for pupils the year below and said ‘start the revision early, make sure you keep some free time and try to enjoy it – it will be worthwhile!’

Harry Martin turned in a top performance too with 11 GCSEs all at grade A or above.  ‘I worked really hard right from the mocks and my results show it was worth the effort but also a big thanks to my teachers– I am really pleased to have an 8 in English and Maths.

Charlotte Joyce, Abby Kerswill, and Alyssa Osben have also impressed with their fantastic results with all of their grades being A or above – Well done to them.

Steve Goddard who has been Progress leader for the last 2 years said, ‘what an achievement – so pleased that the hard work we put in has paid off; the class of 2017 is a year group to be proud of because they worked together as a big team.  Talking of teams, as manager of the Year 11 boys football team I want to say well done to them too, they scored some great GCSE results!’  The year 11 boys football team enjoyed stunning success all through their time at Lynn Grove – winning ‘the triple’ (County, District and League Cups) in every year; so its great to know that between them they have over 90 good GCSE passes.

Alison Mobbs, Principal at Lynn Grove Academy, said:

‘I am deeply impressed by the performance of pupils in our school in the GCSE examinations; to achieve our best ever results in first year of the reformed GCSEs is an achievement to be proud of indeed.  Lynn Grove Academy is all about preparing our young people for their next stage and examination success is an important part of that preparation.  Our motto at Lynn Grove Academy is ‘Discover what you are good at’ and we do this by offering a rich academic curriculum complemented by an outstanding range of enrichment opportunities.  High expectations make the difference – we expect all of our young people to value hard work, make the best of all opportunities they have and support each other to do well – this is the way to make great progress whatever your starting point’.

Applications for Lynn Grove Academy open in September with a number of open events going on through autumn, starting with our Open Evening on Tuesday 19th September. Visit the website for more information.