Sutton Scholars residential trip

Our Year 10 group of pupils taking part in the Sutton Scholars programme to introduce pupils to university life and inspire them to consider a college education recently finished their studies with a 2-day residential trip to Cambridge University. The pupils had been working on their assignments, which included a 1500 word essay, during the months before the trip. Once arrived they set to work finishing their tasks and producing a poster explaining their findings. Together with pupils from other regional schools they used the university’s facilities under the guidance of their mentors.
But is wasn’t all work and no fun. After dinner at Caius and Keyes College they visited a student theatre performance. There was also a tour of the town to give the pupils a sense of this interesting, historic place.
The final event will be the presentation of the posters at Flegg Academy on Tuesday, 1 May 2018, where the pupils will show off their work to parents and friends.

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