Fun at the farm!

Year 9 pupils expressing an interest in Land Based Careers had the chance to visit Holkham Hall on 25 April 2018 and experience a taste of the careers that could be available to them.
First stop was the farming division where pupils learned about the different crops grown and what they can be used for, as well as getting to explore 2 different pieces of impressive farming equipment. Second stop was the magnificent Holkham Walled Garden where the pupils heard all about the different jobs of the gardeners and the future plans for the garden. Following lunch in the garden, pupils went to the gamekeeping division to learn first hand about the different conservation approaches as well as the practical aspects of gamekeeping. Lastly, pupils were given a tour of the Forestry division, where they discovered about the different equipment and trees used in forestry. A fantastic day and thanks to Miss Rix for organising, to Holkham Hall for the amazing day, and to NEACO for sponsoring the event and allowing pupils to attend.

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