Month: November 2018

A bookish tree

It’s 4 weeks until Christmas so we are beginning to get into the spirit. An unusual tree has sprung up in our reception made out of more than 100 books unifying Christmas cheer and the joy of reading. And there will be plenty of that since there are still over 16900 books left in out library.
Extra bonus – no needles!

Children in Need 2018

We’re very happy to let you know that we have managed to raise £1779.87 for Children in Need over the past week. We’ve had lots of different activities all culminating on Friday lunchtime with our ‘Teachers got Talent / Teacher Challenge’ event. Thank you to all staff who performed or braved sour lemons,pie faces, leg waxing or ice bucket challenges for a good cause. Our prefects were brilliant preparing hosting the event.

Sailing season ends

The sailing club had its last outing for the autumn term a couple of weeks ago.
They have made fantastic progress on the water and have developed lots of transferable skills. Thank you to Mrs Mann for supporting the pupils. They’ve had a great time.

Girls’ rugby

Year 10 girls impressed with their determination and sportswomanship at Wymondham College shortly before half-term when they took part in a Rugby Development Tournament. Mr Flack and Ms Preece were delighted with their performance and everyone had a really great time. They are all definitely up for more rugby – these girls can!

High School’s Choir Festival

Our choir had a great time on Wednesday, 31 October 2018 taking part in the High School’s Choir Festival organised by Norfolk Music Hub. After a long but inspirational day rehearsing their Halloween themed programme they performed to a dramatically lit St. Andrrew’s Hall in Norwich, accompanied by two orchestras.
Thank you to the organisers for an enjoyable event and to our staff who accompanied the pupils and sang along with them.