Month: April 2019

Third Key Concept Day

Our Year 7 pupils recently took part in their third CET Key Concept Day. The Key Concept Days are organised by our Creative Education Trust HQ and are supported by a practicing designer. The Key Concept days are devised to enable the students to develop their understanding of the individual concepts and then use them to connect their knowledge. This time they explored the concept of ‘Meaning’ by creating drawings and shapes. The results were fantastic and the children had a great time throughout the day. To find out more about the key concepts have a look at this video.

Year 7 Boys Win District Cup

Well done the Year 7 boys’ football team who have just taken home the District Cup. On 4 April 2019 they beat Charter Academy 5-2 in an exciting match. What a great start to their Lynn Grove football career.
Thank you to all supporters, especially their manager Mr Goddard.

Year 7 Easter Egg Hunt

Our Year 7 pupils know their school pretty well by now, and this stood them in good stead today, 1 April 2019, when they all took part in an Easter egg hunt. Covering almost every corner of the school grounds they had to identify places and features which they did with great enthusiasm. All were rewarded with a chocolate egg for their efforts.