Month: August 2019

GCSE Results 2019

On 22 August 2019 our Year 11 leavers came in one more time to collect their results. After a lot of anticipation there was plenty to celebrate.

An impressive 80% of students achieved at least a grade four in English, while 68% achieved at least a grade four in Maths.

Mrs Mobbs said: “We are incredibly pleased with the results achieved and the progress made by our GCSE students this year. They’ve worked incredibly hard to get the best grades they can, and we wish them all the very best for the future.

We’re particularly pleased with the very strong results achieved in academic, creative and vocational subjects, showing the strengths we have across the curriculum and underlining our determination to enable students to “discover what you’re good at”. These results demonstrate the dedication of Lynn Grove teachers to helping our students realise their potential.”