Careers and Guidance information for pupils

During your time at Lynn Grove Academy you will have the chance to get involved in lots of activities to help you make informed decisions about your career when the time is right. You will have opportunities in form time, your PSHE and subject lessons and in drop down days to learn about planning and decision making and gather information from a wide variety of employers and education and training providers.  

You have a dedicated careers team and room where you can readily access impartial advice and guidance and have the opportunity in Year 10 to become part of that team and join the pupil Careers Council. Starting in Year 10 you will also have your one to one personal guidance interview with a qualified careers adviser who will help you with your career management skills and decision making, providing you with a personalised action plan.

Lynn Grove Academy Careers Library

In form time and in your PSHE lessons you will use a number of online careers platforms, detailed below.  

Start is a free, online careers platform designed to connect you with your future career potential. Use your school email address to log in and keep a note of your password! In school you will access this during form time and your PSHE lessons.  You can also use it at home to explore your future options, prepare you for your guidance interview in Years 10 and 11 and add evidence of extracurricular activities to your locker so you have a source of information to use when writing applications and personal statements.  


eCLIPS makes careers exploration simple. It offers accurate, impartial information on over 1400 careers plus a wealth of advice and information on education and employment choices including how to write a CV and prepare for an interview. You can search for careers by job group, A-Z, school subject or use the Careers Wizard tool to explore jobs that are suitable for you. You can also find information on all the different education pathways and advice to help you prepare for and find work. This is a comprehensive careers platform; for the password, see your Careers page in your planner.   

We also recommend the below websites for getting reliable and accurate information about careers, post-16 education and advice and guidance at moments of choice.  Click on the logos access the sites.

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