Our College System

Pegasus College is lead by Mr Jones, Assistant Principal, Ms Corina, Progress Leader and Ms Johnstone, Pastoral Manager. We are responsible for ensuring that our college puts learning at the heart of everything we do. Through strong pastoral support we make sure our pupils achieve academic success.  In Greek mythology Pegasus, the winged horse, represents creativity. As leaders of Pegasus College we want our pupils to be good thinkers, independent and well-cultured young people who are ready to take on the modern world. Our college colour is Orange which represents enthusiasm, warmth and energy. This is what our college brings to the Lynn Grove community. 

I am proud to be the Assistant Principal, Mr Nash, for Orion College. Mr Batt, our dedicated Progress Leader; Miss Gathercole, our compassionate Pastoral Manager and our outstanding College Tutor Team and I provide superb academic and pastoral support for the wonderful pupils in our College. We are proud to embody the most critical of our ethos statements: Perseverance. We in Orion College consistently persevere to ensure that we achieve our greatest potential and are represented by the majestic and protective stag. We take a lead role in the Academy and wider community in being kind to others and are unapologetically proud of our achievements.

I am proud to be the Assistant Principal for Leo College, Miss Jarvis. Along with Ms Gill, Progress Leader and Ms Newberry, Pastoral Manager, we provide strong academic and pastoral support for the wonderful pupils we oversee. We are proud to be ambitious and bold and are represented by the symbol of a lion. We support the school’s ethos statement by showing everyone how to challenge themselves and support each other unconditionally. We will always strive to contribute positively to the wider community.

My name is Ms Pitcher, I am the proud Assistant Principal for Lyra College. We are fortunate to have Mr Haywood as a dedicated Progress Leader and Ms Warren, our wonderful Pastoral Manager. Together we aim to ensure that pupils in our college do well academically and are known to us as individuals. We are committed to our college and proudly represented by the symbol of an eagle. To us this means joy and ambition. Our contribution to the school’s ethos statement is through kindness to ourselves and each other.

The team for Senior Year, our year 11 role models, is made up of Ms Paul, Assistant Principal, Mr Goddard, Progress Leader and Ms Page, Pastoral Manager. When pupils at Lynn Grove graduate into year 11, they keep their college affiliations but are known from therein as ‘Senior Year’. This ensures other pupils look up to them, they are our incredible role models across the school. As the most experienced member of Lynn Grove they expect to have an academically-demanding year, but they are well supported by a team of wonderful pastoral leads and dedicated tutors. Wishing Senior Year pupils all the very best for this academic year – we know you will persevere and put learning at the heart.