Our Curriculum

We want every pupil to leave Lynn Grove with excellent exam results; that is why we offer an exciting and varied curriculum.  We know that every learner can be successful if we find the way to tap into their interests with an imaginative approach to teaching and we believe that every child deserves to choose from a wide range of subjects.

We believe that year 9 is the right time to decide which courses pupils will study to GCSE and BTec. We support our learners and their families throughout process with an in depth interview with a member of the senior team. Please take a look at our option booklet to see the current choices.

Art and Photography
We study art so we can develop the skills we need to express ourselves creatively. Art teaches us to observe carefully and learn from the work of other artists. Art allows us to experiment with different materials to achieve the effects we want. Through studying art we develop the habits of reflectiveness and resilience.

Business Studies (KS4 only)
You’ll start by exploring the world of small businesses through the lens of an entrepreneur. How and why do business ideas come about? What makes a successful business? You’ll learn how to develop an idea, spot an opportunity and turn it into a successful business. Then you’ll move on to investigating business growth. How does a business develop beyond the start-up phase? You’ll learn about key business concepts and issues and decisions you need to make when growing a business and working in a global business.

Design and Technology
We study design and technology so that we learn how to plan and make things. We learn how to draw inspiration from our environment and from other designers. We develop the skills to evaluate our own designs and practice our craft skills using a wide range of materials.

In Drama we learn express our ideas and experiences creatively through voice and movement. We learn about how authors over time have crafted plays that interpret human experiences. We learn to work collaboratively and develop the self-confidence to share our performances with others.

We study English so we learn to express ourselves clearly, persuasively and logically. Through literature we learn to appreciate great writers and develop our own writing. We read closely to sharpen our analytical skills and we read widely to discover the authors we love.

Enterprise and Marketing (KS4 only)
An aspiration for many young people is to be self-employed and start their own business. In enterprise and marketing we learn the skills required for this, such as being able to work collaboratively and creatively, solve problems and have awareness of businesses and customers, skills that are requested and valued by employers.

We study geography so that we understand how the world around us was shaped over millennia. Geography teaches us how the physical environment effects the political and economic conditions we live in. Through studying geography we understand how we connect with and impact on other communities on our planet.

Health and Social Care / Child Development (KS4 only)
We study Health and Social Care to understand the theoretical approaches that underpin our work in the caring professions. We develop practical skills through work experience and arranging practical activities. Through studying health and social care we understand the care needs of others at different stage in their lives.

We study history so that we understand how the past shapes our present and future. We learn about how power can be used and abused. History teaches us to think analytically, to draw conclusions based on evidence and to write with clarity.

Information Technologies (KS4 only)
Data Manipulation and Project Management are vital skills for success in employment and higher education and are among the key transferable skills required by employers. The Cambridge National in Information Technologies develops students understanding of these skills through the development of creative products to solve real world data problems. Taking this qualification will prepare your child for a career in a data driven future.

We study maths so we become confident numerate adults. In maths we develop the skills to solve problems by thinking creatively and spotting patterns. Maths helps us to develop our concrete and abstract thinking and connect theory to practice.

Media Studies (KS4 only)
We study Media to understand how we create and interpret messages in film, television and advertising. We develop the analytical skills we need to deconstruct different media texts. Practical work allows us to develop skills in audio visual and print media.

Modern Languages
We study modern languages so that we understand how a language works and develop an appreciation of another culture through its language. We develop the skills of language learning that we can apply to any language in the future. We learn to use language with precision when we translate and we take the first steps in appreciating literature in a second language.

We study Music so we can develop the skills we need to express ourselves musically. We enrich our experience by learning about different kinds of music from the past to the present and from different part s of the world. Through learning to play an instrument we develop patience, resilience and the confidence to perform with and for others.

Physical Education
In PE we learn the skills we need to be proficient in any number of sports. We learn how to keep fit and stay safe in the sports arena. We develop resilience as we practice and leadership as we collaborate in team games.

PSHE and Careers
We support out pupils personal, social and health education through discrete lessons and enrichment days, events and activities. We run a programme of career advice and guidance from Year 7 through to Year 11.

Religious Education
RE statutory entitlement is taught through our PSHE programme.


Biology – We study biology to learn how the natural world works; from genetics to eco-systems, the knowledge we develop will help us make important decisions that may affect us as individuals or our wider communities throughout our lives.

Chemistry – We study chemistry so we understand the building blocks of the world around us. In chemistry we investigate the properties of substances, how and why they react with each other. Chemistry helps to understand the impact of humans on the world around us and will enable us to resolve the environmental challenges ahead.

Physics – We study physics so we can understand the fundamental principles that determine our daily lives; what energy is, how forces affect us and the objects around us. Physics helps us to understand matter from the smallest particle to the infinite scope of the universe.