Welcome to the Library
At the heart of the school is our wonderful library which is open daily from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Thursday and 8:00am to 4:00pm on Fridays; popular with pupils, it supports our determination that ‘Lynn Grove Reads’.

The library is impressive by any standards; in size, comfort and for the range of resources available. The library is open plan and air-conditioned and contains over 17,000 books. The library is also home to 48 PCs, spread over two floors. Sections of this independent learning area are available for whole form groups to be accommodated during lesson times. Teachers bring pupils in to the library for reading lessons and to research topics so that they develop their independent learning skills. Pupils are welcome to use the PCs to enhance their work by using the library’s scanning and printing facilities.

Head Librarian, Mrs Bowles, is very happy to help pupils discover the books and authors that will engage and delight them. Library Assistant, Mrs Dobinson are equally enthusiastic about offering any support that is needed.

The library is also a very popular location for completing homework, revision or coursework in the quiet environment. We open the library at weekends for senior pupils during the exam season for private and supported examination preparation.

Library Community
Pupils embrace the leadership opportunities offered by the library with enthusiasm. Pupil librarians play an important role in the day to day running of the facility. Clubs and Reading groups meet in the library too and these provide pupils with great opportunities to make new like minded friends from across the year groups.

Some new pupils may like to apply to be librarians to help tidy and issue the books at break and lunchtimes. This can be a rewarding occupation and it looks great on a CV.

Library Events
The library hosts regular author visits as we know these inspire our young people to read more and develop their own creative writing. Recent authors who have visited us include Morris Gleitzman, Lauren St John, Marcus Alexander, Cathy Cassidy, and Robert Rigby. Library trips include visiting the British Library, Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour and the Norfolk Show.

Additional Information
The Library stocks a great range of periodicals providing information on subjects as diverse as art, warhammer, food, nature, science, sports, cars, music and technology. We also subscribe to national and regional daily newspapers and The Mercury.

All new pupils will have library induction classes where Library staff explain how to make the best of the library. This has proved to be a very successful way to encourage pupils to use the facility.

Lynn Grove Academy pupils in the library.

If you would like to donate a book to the library you need look no further than Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. There is a wonderful selection to choose from, just go to Donations can be brought to reception with the name and address of the person donating. Thank you in advance for all donations, they are very much appreciated.