Senior Management Responsibility
Ms A. Mobbs Principal
Mr D. Carter Vice Principal
Mrs V. Hill Vice Principal
Mr C. Gissendorf Vice Principal
Mr G. Green Assistant Principal
Mr N. Jones Assistant Principal
Mrs R. Cramer Business Manager
Teaching Staff Subject
Mr S. Batt English and P.E. / Year 8 Progress Leader
Mr B. Battrick Leader of Beliefs and Values
Miss R. Clift History Teacher
Mr N. Cowan English Teacher
Ms L. Dobson Art Teacher
Mrs L. Dougherty Head of Art
Mr I. Drew Science Teacher
Mr C. Dungar Drama Teacher
Mr D. Farman Functional Skills / G & T Maths
Ms S. Faull Lead Behaviour Professional / P.E. Teacher
Mrs E. Fish Media Studies Teacher
Mr G. Flack Head of P.E.
Mr H. German History Teacher
Mrs A. Gill Music / Year 9 Progress Leader
Mrs R. Gloyn Design Technology Teacher
Mr S. Goddard P.E. Teacher/ Year 10/11 Progress Leader
Miss A. Hampton SENCo
Mr B. Hawkins English Teacher
Mrs E. Hayward Mathematics Teacher: 2nd in Department
Mr L. Haywood Geography Teacher
Mrs L. Hirst Science Teacher / Year 7 Progress Leader
Mr M. Hlabangana Mathematics Teacher
Mrs K. Hodds P.E. Teacher
Ms Z. Kamal-Eost Design Technology Teacher
Miss S. Khalil Mathematics Teacher
Ms C. Mann Mathematics Teacher
Miss A. Morton Head of Mathematics
Miss A. Nicholls Head of Geography
Miss G. Pass Mathematics Teacher
Mrs H. Paul Head of Science
Mr T. Pease MFL Teacher
Mr M. Phelps Faculty Leader Business Studies
Mrs E. Pitcher Head of English
Miss E. Pitchers English Teacher
Ms H. Powell Head of History
Mr L. Preston English Teacher
Mr B. Pritchard KS3 Science Teacher
Miss E. Rix Science Teacher / STEM
Mr J. Rogers Geography Teacher
Miss S. Rouse DT Graphics Teacher
Miss J. Rutherford Head of DT
Mrs R. Salton Head of Music
Mrs M. Sims Health and Social Care
Mrs N. Squires  Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs A. Stevens English Teacher: 2nd in Department
Miss I. Stevens English Teacher
Mr W. Tutt English Teacher
Mr J. Van Spronsen Maths Teacher
Mrs C. Vettese Head of MFL
Ms T. Walford History Teacher / I.T.T. Co-ordinator
Mrs T. Walton MFL Teacher
Mrs E. Wicks History Teacher
Dr D. Wright Science Teacher
Support Staff Responsibility
Mrs E. Austin HLTA – Maths
Mrs D. Banyard Housekeeper
Miss R. Blanchard Admin Assistant
Mrs A. Bowles Library Supervisor
Miss C. Clancy Cover Assistant
Mrs K. Conyer Learning Support Assistant
Miss A. Cousins Learning Support Assistant
Ms E. Cox Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A. Croft Student Reception
Mr J. Croft Cover Supervisor
Mrs L. Currell First Aid
Mr M. Dawson Data
Mrs H. Dobinson Library Assistant
Mrs E. Eaton Admin Assistant
Mrs B. Edwards Family Support Worker
Mrs L. Farrar Learning Support Assistant
Mr G. Gallant ICT Systems Leader
Miss F. Gathercole DT Technician
Mrs E. Grimmer Finance Officer
Miss L. Grimmer Library/English Assistant
Mrs C. Harper HLTA – EAL
Miss J. Hill Exams Assistant
Miss P. Horsley HLTA – English
Ms W. Johnstone Inclusion Manager
Mrs S. Kippen Curriculum Support Worker – MFL
Mr J. Leggett Caretaker
Mrs L. Lingwood LSA
Mr L. Lonergan Behaviour Support Worker
Mrs E. Page Learning Support Assistant
Mr J. Peat ICT Technician
Mrs M. Platten Trust: Regional HR Adviser (Norfolk)
Miss E. Preece Behaviour Support Worker
Miss E. Roberts Year 10/11 Progress Leader
Mrs L. Ruane Learning Support Assistant
Mr C. Ruda VLE Co-ordinator
Mr D. Shaw Trust: Regional Finance Officer
Mr J. Shaw Caretaker
Miss N. Sheldrake Cover Assistant
Mr R. Slater Caretaker
Mr K. Smith Trust: Projects Consultant
Miss Y. Snowball Receptionist
Miss S. Spink HLTA – Maths
Mrs C. Tate Finance Assistant and Lettings Co-Ordinator
Mr A. Taylor Caretaker
Mr P. Tidman Senior Caretaker
Mrs J. Tubby School Administrator
Mrs K. Vince Pastoral Support Worker/DSP Safeguarding
Mrs M. Watts Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K. Woods Assistant to Principal
Mr J. Wright Technician: Science
Premises Staff
Ms D. Clarke
Mr S. Coote
Ms S. Cunningham
Ms V. Cunningham
Mr P. Eales
Mrs J. Fenn
Ms L. Jack
Mrs B. Leggett
Ms T. Milne
Mr D. Murphy
Mrs L. O’Brien
Ms L. Plant
Ms N. Prime
Miss K. Rawlings
Mr M. Restaino

Current vacancies
Please take a look at the vacancies page to find out about current job offers.

School Direct
Applications are open for this new teacher training programme:
This is a new way to gain the qualifications and practical skills you need to become a teacher. It allows those who have just finished a degree, or have been working in a career for at least 3 years to combine teacher training with actually doing and learning on the job.In order to help tailor training to your skills and experience, there are two separate School Direct training options:School Direct Training Programme is available to high-quality graduates. You may be eligible for a bursary of up to £20,000 to support you while you train.Lynn Grove Academy & Notre Dame High School are working in partnership with UEA to offer places on this training route. To find out more click here.