Remote learning support

LGA Pupil App for Teams

Register each morning before 9:15, and contact your teachers.

Replies submitted via the LGA pupil app will be responded to via Email.


Microsoft Outlook is used for school emails.

Computer: when first logging on via the Email / Teams button on this site you will ‘land’ on Outlook. Open Teams in a new tab to keep your emails easily available. When using the Teams app make sure to also have Outlook open to receive help request replies.

Mobile device: install the Outlook app (recommended) or add your school email account to your phone’s email settings.


We use Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for our remote learning provision. It’s available on Computers and mobile devices.

Logging on to and installing Teams

Logging on to Teams is done with the pupil’s school email address and password. There is no need to set up a new account. Existing personal Microsoft accounts won’t allow access to our remote learning environment.

PC / Mac

We recommend using the PC / Mac apps. They can be downloaded from Teams running in a web browser (see below).

Chromebook / web app

Access Teams in any web browser via the link on our website.

Mobiles and tablets

On mobile the Teams app needs to be installed. It is available from your app store. The two guides below explain how to use the app.

Assignments on Teams

Homework is set using Teams assignments. The guide below will explain how to complete work and see feedback.



Office apps

All pupils have access to Microsoft Office apps via their school email account.

Microsoft Office apps can be used in a web browser both on PCs and Macs without the need to download and install any additional software. On phones and tablets MS Office apps are available via the app stores. A PC or Mac version is also available to download and install.

Installing Microsoft Office 365

Lynn Grove Academy pupils can download and install a copy of Microsoft Office on your home computer, tablet or mobile. Please see the link below for instructions how to do that.


For inquiries regarding remote learning please contact us at