Homework is an integral part of teaching and learning at Lynn Grove Academy.  It reinforces  and deepens the understanding of what is taught during the lesson and helps your child with becoming independent and taking responsibility for their learning.

Homework Club

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 3 – 4 pm and Wednesday 2 – 3 pm in the Library.

Websites we use for homework

All sites can be accessed via Student links. Use your school computer username and password to sign in to the Student links page.

Logging in to the LGA learning sites

What username and password do I need?
Email, TeamsSchool computer username / password
ArborSchool email address / your Arbor password*
OR School email address / your Seneca password*
Sparx Maths
OR your Sparx username / your Sparx password
OR School email address / your Tassomai password*
* These passwords can be reset by students, access to school email is required to receive password reset emails. For others please contact your teachers.


All homework is set on Arbor (called assignments). You’ll see this on your dashboard. Click the assignment for details.

You’ll be able to see what class the assignment is for, as well as the due date and the task required. If your teacher has set your homework on Seneca, Tassomai or another online platform then your teacher will provide you with instructions on how to access the work in the student instructions section.

Once you have completed the homework click mark as submitted. Once you have submitted your homework the status will change to submitted – waiting for teacher to mark.   This will notify your teacher that you have completed your homework. After the date the homework is due your teacher will check you have completed the homework. Your teacher will then acknowledge the homework by giving either Pride Points for completion of homework or negative points for non completion of homework. 

When you teacher adds the behaviour points for a homework assignment you will be able to see them on your dashboard under behaviour points.