Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership team had their inaugural meeting on 26 April 2023.  It was a very productive gathering, and all the members are looking forward to getting on with the job.  Year 11 pupil Jude, who together with Mrs Brookes, put together the plan to establish the council, was really pleased with how the meeting went.  Their aim for the student leadership team is to bring students together and give them a voice in the decision-making processes in school.  ‘I want everyone to have the chance to get their views heard as this will help us bond more closely as a community and I think the the first meeting got us on the right track’ reported Jude.

The members of the council represent each year group and were selected after a rigorous application process.  Mrs Brookes was delighted that the idea for the council was so well received and that so many students want to play an active part in the leadership of the school.

The student leadership team has its own email account and are very keen for all Lynn Grovers to use it share their ideas and opinions.  They want the whole student body at LGA to play a part in setting the agenda for the Student Leadership Team in the months ahead.