Month: May 2023

Year 9s get to grips with garden

We all know that getting out in the fresh air and doing something active is great for keeping your spirits up.  What is more there is increasing evidence that gardening can have a really positive influence on everyone’s mental health, including young people.  We were very excited therefore when a group of year 9 pupils took the option to follow a short course in gardening this summer term.  They have a great project to get on with too.  Sadly, our pupil garden has got a bit over grown of late, so the year 9 team are determined to knock it back into shape so that more young gardeners can take advantage of the space.  A great project – putting back into our community while learning and having fun!

A talent for Writing

We were all delighted to hear the news that George, a Year 7 pupil, has been awarded a certificate of merit by the Young Writers organisation.  His poem which is shortly to be published in the Young Writers’ Anthology is a remarkably sophisticated piece.  The sentiment of the poem reflects the importance we attribute at Lynn Grove Academy to ‘being kind to each other and ourselves’  Congratulations to George who tells us that he is continuing to work on writing poetry.

Maître de la langue 

There dwells a weapon in each and every one of us 

It’s a gift that brings destruction 

Or a gift that brings peace 

It’s a gift that forms allies 

And a gift that makes foes 

A gift who can cause corruption 

And a gift that flowers purity 

It’s a gift which once you master 

Can grant you freedom 

I shan’t tell you how 

Nor what it is  

Because what you do with it is your responsibility 

It’s a fire which you let spread 

Or a fire that you control 

But never to put out

Year 10 athletics success

The “Mighty Year 10s” gave Lynn Grove Academy athletics team a great start to the athletics season. On Thursday, 18 May 2023, they finished second only, half a point behind first place. Special performances from George, Alecks, Diego, Alyssia, Lamin, Evie and boys relay team winning their events. The Year 10 team is looking strong for the main competition in June. Next up are the Year 9s on Thursday, 25 May.

Thanks Ms. Woods and Ms. Berry for running the shot put and encouraging the pupils and to the Year 10 pastoral team for their support throughout.

New student leadership team

The Student Leadership team had their inaugural meeting on 26 April 2023.  It was a very productive gathering, and all the members are looking forward to getting on with the job.  Year 11 pupil Jude, who together with Mrs Brookes, put together the plan to establish the council, was really pleased with how the meeting went.  Their aim for the student leadership team is to bring students together and give them a voice in the decision-making processes in school.  ‘I want everyone to have the chance to get their views heard as this will help us bond more closely as a community and I think the the first meeting got us on the right track’ reported Jude.

The members of the council represent each year group and were selected after a rigorous application process.  Mrs Brookes was delighted that the idea for the council was so well received and that so many students want to play an active part in the leadership of the school.

The student leadership team has its own email account and are very keen for all Lynn Grovers to use it share their ideas and opinions.  They want the whole student body at LGA to play a part in setting the agenda for the Leadership Team in the months ahead.

Learning at the Heart award

Good attendance is the key to success in school and an essential element of our Learning at the Heart ethos. Now every pupil in years 7-10 has the chance to win the Learning at the Heart Attendance Award! If they hit their attendance target of 98% or more until the last week of term they will be in the running to win an iPad! Good luck! #everyminutecounts