Attendance and Pastoral Team

The best contact email for attendance issues is

Sarah Jarvis, Interim Vice-Principal

I joined Lynn Grove in 2021 and have had the pleasure of working as part of the Pastoral, Attendance and SEND teams at both Lynn Grove and in my previous schools. 

I truly believe that when working with young people to support them academically and pastorally we need to have the whole child in mind and endeavour to understand fully the challenges individual children face.   I feel that at Lynn Grove our commitment to having a large and diverse Pastoral team working with our pupils allows us to achieve this and support all pupils to be successful.

Spencer Nash, Assistant Principal Inclusion and for Orion College

I have been privileged to be a part of the LGA Community since Easter 2022. I am delighted to lead an effective and supportive team who work diligently for the betterment of all our pupils. We have an attendance target of 98% as we believe that an excellent education is vital for everyone. You will see me and the team out speaking with pupils and families because we want the best for all in our community; we want every pupil to achieve their potential and know that they have to be in school for this to be possible.

Michelle Halsey, Attendance Improvement Director and Member of Senior College

I joined the Lynn Grove Academy team in May 2023 and am excited to be part of such an enthusiastic, caring and hardworking team. I bring with me 13 years’ experience of working in secondary schools and am mum to a teenager. I therefore fully understand the modern-day barriers and pressures that face our young people and look forwarded to supporting the children of this academy in reaching their full potential.

Tracey Harvey, Attendance and Family Support Worker and Member of Orion College

My name is Tracey Harvey and I joined Lynn Grove Academy in November 2021. My job title is family support and attendance which means I support with families with any attendance issues they may encounter but can also offer support to any families that may be struggling with wider issues. I also help with the transition period for year 6 pupils moving from primary school to high school. As I previously worked in a similar role in a primary school I am well placed to understand the worries that may affect children coming into high school. I really enjoy working with pupils to see them reach their full potential in school and help them become part of the Lynn Grove community.

Darcie Fiske, Youth Worker and Member of Pegasus College

I have recently joined the Lynn Grove Academy Attendance team in April 2023 and I am excited to be part of the Lynn Grove community again. Being on student reception has enabled me to build a connection with our students and help them on a daily basis with questions and concerns as well as be a sense of support for students. Being a ex-pupil of Lynn Grove Academy myself I understand the discontentment and problems that children face on a daily basis when coming to school, I hope to help them overcome these challenges and make their time at Lynn Grove Academy enjoyable and memorable.

Stephen Goddard, Progress Leader for Senior Year College

I joined Lynn Grove PE Department in 2010. My passion for pastoral care motivated me to become a Progress Leader which I have done now for 10 years. For the past 10 years, I have seen many pupils happy on GCSE results day because they have had good attendance. This is because being in school allows you to get support and guidance from our excellent teaching staff to be the best you can be. You will see me in PE motivating pupils to have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and enjoy competition, and leading Year 11 as their Progress Leader.

Emma Page, Pastoral Manager for Senior Year College

I have been a member of the Lynn grove community for 10 years. I joined the pastoral team in September 2022 as a Pastoral Manager and thoroughly enjoy working closely with the progress leaders. I pride myself on getting to know the students and their families in our community as I believe everyone can reach their full potential.

Abbie-Dawn Gill, Progress Leader for Leo College

I joined the LGA Music Department in September 2013. I enjoyed my time as a form tutor and quickly learned that the pastoral route was the one for me, becoming a Progress Leader in 2016. Within our year team we place a strong emphasis on supporting and getting to know each pupil in our care to ensure they settle quickly. All members of our community are presented with opportunities for growth in the form of ambitious yet achievable goals. Simply put, pastoral care is the provision a school makes to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing. It is the principal foundation upon which learning can take place and allow all to put ‘learning at the heart’. I am a firm believer that if pupils are happy, they will thrive both academically and emotionally.

Ria Newberry, Pastoral Manager for Leo College

I joined the LGA community in September 2022 as a pastoral manager. I work closely with the progress leaders to ensure our students have the best possible pastoral care during their time at LGA. I thoroughly enjoy working with students to improve their attendance, behaviour and to support positive wellbeing. I believe these three things combined are key to being able to put learning at the heart and making sure our students are getting the most out of their education.

Lee Haywood, Progress Leader for Lyra College

I have been working as part of Lynn Grove Academy in a variety of roles since Easter 2017. My current role as progress leader is to work alongside a efficient pastoral and attendance team ensuring we put learning at the heart by getting as many pupils in ln school as possible. We want every pupil to maximise their academic possibilities and we work closely with the wider Lynn Grove community to prioritise this and make sure this happens.

Wendy Johnstone, Pastoral Manager for Pegasus College

I am one of five Pastoral Managers at Lynn Grove, and I have worked here for nine years this year, so it feels to me like my second family. My role is faced paced and varying and the aim is to help my progress Leader support our group of young people. Support can range from regular check ins, emotional support through a tough time, problem solving, mediation, behaviour support, family communication and assisting development with emotional literacy. I genuinely care about all of the people who make up our community and welcome any queries and concerns no matter how big or small. I feel passionately that school should be a place of education of course, but also the place where children find their own interests and passions, and start developing into the person they want to be.

Rose Williams, Progress Leader for Orion College

I joined the Lynn Grove Academy Maths department in 2022 and I started my dream role of Progress Leader in January 2024. I work with the amazing pastoral managers, and the Assistant Principal to support the pupils with their behaviour, attendance, and overall wellbeing. It is a pleasure to work at Lynn Grove and be a part of the community, as it gives me an opportunity to get to know the pupils and see them grow into kind, resilient individuals, ready to take on any challenge. I approach my pastoral role with a calm and consistent attitude, so pupils know that they have a safe and predictable environment for support.

Finty Gathercole, Pastoral Manager for Orion College

I began my journey at Lynn Grove Academy back in 2018. At the start of 2023 I joined the Pastoral Manager team alongside four other incredible Pastoral Managers. I support students to improve their wellbeing, behaviour, social issues and attendance. By supporting students daily with a variety of issues inside or outside of school, I build strong rapports with parents, staff and students which leads to pupils being able to see potential within themselves, unlocking better opportunities in their future.

Alice Corina, Progress Leader for Pegasus College

I joined the LGA MFL department in February 2021 and I have just taken on the role of Progress Leader of Pegasus College. I work alongside a variety of members of the pastoral team to ensure that young people in our community want to be in school and that it is a place where they feel cared for, and which is full of joy! Through positive relationships, I support students in our community to challenge themselves and embrace opportunity throughout their time at LGA.

Richard Bond-Hart, Attendance Improvement Co-Ordinator and Member of Pegasus College

I joined Lynn Grove in 2023. As part of a well-established attendance team. Day-to-day I work on student reception, offering support to pupils to help improve attendance as well as supporting them ensuring they are ready to learn. Prior to working at Lynn Grove, I have over 8 years working within education. With the welfare of students at the heart, I believe that given the right environment, every student is willing to learn and from what I have seen so far, Lynn Grove fosters a brilliant community that ensures all students are support in every aspect of their learning journey.

Jason Croft, Cover Manager and Pastoral Manager for Lyra College

Bio to follow

Ella Warren, Pastoral Manager for Lyra College

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Your Child’s Tutor

Tutors in the Lynn Grove Community take an active role in promoting the attendance of our pupils. Your child meets with their tutor at the start of every day and they are available to support them throughout. Your child will speak with their tutor about their attendance in our dedicated Positive Start tutor time where their tutor will help them with any concerns or worries they may have.

At Lynn Grove Academy We:

Expect that all pupils will attend school at or above their target of 98%

Monitor the attendance of all pupils, providing support and encouragement as appropriate

Listen and Understand the barriers that some families and pupils face towards great attendance

Facilitate Support where required. Should you, your child or your family wish to request support, please see the contact details below

Formalise Support in exceptional circumstances where supportive measures have proven ineffective in improving pupil attendance to school

Enforce the legal duty for all parents/carers to ensure that their child of school age attends school. In exceptional circumstances, this may lead to prosecution