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Norfolk safeguarding campaign

A county-wide campaign has been launched by Norfolk County Council calling on communities to look out for children and young people, during the current coronavirus lockdown.  Entitled See Something, Hear Something, Say Something, the campaign focuses on keeping children safe, as families face the pressure of staying at home for this prolonged period.

See the campaign flyer for more information.

Stargazing at Cambridge University

A group of Year 8 pupils recently had a wonderful opportunity when they were invited to the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University to peer through a powerful telescope and study celestial bodies in astonishing detail.

The pupils were guided by their host, Dr Robin Catchpole, to observe the moon and a start cluster in the Orion constellation. They were incredibly enthusiastic and had lots of questions.

Many thanks to Miss Rix for leading this inspiring trip.

School of Rock!

Our performances of the latest Lynn Grove production were a tremendous success. The young performers did a great job and entertained their audiences over 2 nights backed up by a great band and backstage crew.

It was lovely to see how much the pupils enjoyed themselves on stage. A great thank you must go to Mrs Salton and her team who made the show possible.